Fireplace Restoration

If you’ve just bought a home with an old fireplace, but don’t know how to restore it, then you have come to the right place. Our fireplace restoration team will get your fireplace into tiptop shape again.

Nothing is more inviting than a crackling fire on a cold winter night. But if you don’t keep your fireplace in good shape, it won’t be able to do the job.

fireplace restoration
restoring old fireplace

If you want to enjoy the warmth and charm of an old-fashioned fireplace without spending thousands of dollars for a new one, call us!

We offer affordable fireplace restoration services that can help restore your fireplace to its original glory.

We have a team of experts on hand who can restore any fireplaces, from Victorian to Edwardian. No matter what the style or material is – we’ll get it looking like new!

Antique Fireplace Restoration

Some of the services and types of fireplace we restore:

  • Stone or Marble fireplace restoration
  • Wood Surround
  • Cast Iron antique fireplace restoration
  • Georgian, Victorian, Regency & Edwardian, and period fireplaces.
  • Repair and installation

We offer a professional and complete restoration service and have clients up and down the country. Antique fireplaces are our speciality and love nothing more than taking a tired old fireplace and restoring it to its former glory.

Our restoration specialists have many years of experience and are skilled craftsmen. We treat every job with the same care and attention to detail.

A well-maintained fireplace will last you a lifetime and once they are looked after you will have no problems. That’s where our team comes in. This could be anything from the painting of period fireplaces to a restoration service

You can count on us for any fireplace repair! Our team is experienced and will take care of everything you need. We provide services including:

  • Fireplace Restoration
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Cast Iron Painting
  • Fireplace Expansion Joints
  • Fireplace Re-Polishing
  • Fireplace Chip Repair
  • Hearth Repair
  • Joint Cleaning

Should I restore my Fireplace?

We are often contacted by clients to restore fireplaces and they always ask the same questions.

Can it be done and how much will it cost.

The simple answer to this is it depends – there is no set price for our services because each job is different and we would always review the fireplace before quoting.

This gives you a chance to discuss the process from start to finish and allows us to provide a professional quote that will deliver above your expectations.