Floor Grinding

At Marble Care Services one of our specialist services is floor grinding.

Floor grinding, when done the correct way requires a skilled professional with a solid understanding of how each surface is treated.

floor grinding

Surface preparation, whether for the application of specialist coatings or to prepare for a polished concrete floor requires skill and experience

Concrete Floor Grinders

If you are looking for specialist concrete floor grinders then look no further. Our surface preparation technique and skilled tradesmen use only the best diamond tools to make sure your floor is perfect for a range of finishes.

We take great care with our complete process using the latest technology to keep everything dust-free while we work. When we get to the site you can rest assured that we know what we are doing, have the right tools for the job, and will be friendly, professional, and courteous at all times.

All of our fully qualified team are trained in the safe use of all equipment including the use of a diamond grinder, angle grinder, and our specialist concrete floor grinders.

Surface Grinding

We can prepare and grind any floor surface but specialise in concrete floors.

concrete floor grinding services

Diamond grinding surfaces will leave you with a perfectly flat floor, ready for a range of finishes. Our price is reasonable, productivity is always 100% and the result is perfect every time.

Cost of Floor Grinding

When it comes to cost, every job is unique as no surface is the same. The floor grinder is designed to grind your floor until its level, but each and every surface is different. The hardness of the concrete, on indeed the condition of the floor will affect the speed at which we can prepare your floors and we may need to use different grinding applications, depending on the surface.

A consultation with one of the team will really help to give you a professional and reasonable quotation for your job or design so get in touch to talk to one of the friendly team or send through your contact details here.


Apart from floor grinding we also have the following services:


Polished floors are very popular at the moment and we have a team of experts who provide quality services and have the tools to polish your floors to a mirror finish.


After we polish the floor we can apply a sealing finish to keep everything clear and stain-free for years to come.

Contact us today to discuss details on your job and some of the products and services we provide across Ireland.