Marble Floor Restoration

Marble is a beautiful and luxurious stone that has been used to create flooring for centuries.

Marble restoration, or the restoration of natural stone floors such as travertine, crema marfil, limestone, granite, terrazzo, etc., is the art of restoring worn-out and dull tiles to their original condition.

It may take time and patience but with the right tools and expertise, your marble floor can be revitalised so it looks like new again!

When installing and caring for marble or natural stone floors correctly, they should last a lifetime. Marble restoration involves the use of various products that can help bring life back to your tiles so you don’t need to replace them with new ones every few years!

Marble Floor Cleaning and Stain Removal

One of the biggest challenges with marble floors is keeping them clean. If you don’t seal your floor anything that spills onto it will leave a stain.

We have a specialist floor cleaning team that can remove these stains and then seal your floor to protect it from happening again.

Marble Resurfacing and Sealing

If your marble floor is looking a bit worn or dull, we can provide you with a number of options for resurfacing to return it back to its original condition.

Marble restoration experts will be able to help determine the best solution based on your floor type.

Marble Polishing and Honing

If you’re looking for an instant makeover of your marble floor, we can provide polishing or honing services to give it a new look. This is also a great option if the stone in your home has become scratched over time because these treatments will smoothen out any imperfections. We can take an old worn floor back to like new.

This is a great option if you are tired of the look or color and want to change up your design. Marble polishing services can be used in conjunction with marble resurfacing for an overall fresh feel to your home’s flooring.

Marble Grinding and Restoration Services

If there are deep scratches, gouges, unsightly mineral staining, or deep etching, grinding may be the best solution for restoring your marble floor.

Marble grinding services can also be used to remove haze and a chalky film that has built up over time on surfaces like travertine.

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